Friday, July 26, 2013

Gold Camp Rd Tempo

12.8 miles total
7:00 pm)upper 70's
Elevation gain 1114
5.86 mile uphill tempo run. 45:04 7:41 average per mile
1 7:38.6
2 7:26.2
3 7:42.2
4 7:36.8
5 7:44.5
6 6:55.9 0.86
Started from the High Drive parking lot and ran up Gold Camp Road.
I was about nine minutes into the tempo run when I saw a Bear in
the road. Yes a Bear! The Bear was smack dab in the middle of the
road and coming right at me. I was in shock. I finally realized
what I was seeing and stopped. I was forced to walk backwards as
the bear kept walking down the road right towards me. Finally
he veered of the road and into the woods. I started walking back
up the road and saw it was safe so I restarted my tempo run.
I think at this point my heart rate was through the roof. This
was my first encounter with a Bear ever. It was exciting but
pretty scary at the same time. This Bear was a full size mature
bear not some small juvenile.


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HappyTrails said...

Yeah - those are a little nerve wracking on a run!! Nice tempo for going up GC!