Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barr Trail to Elk Park

14.68 miles 3:02:32 12:26 average per mile
8:00 am) mid 50's HUMID!!! 100%
Elevation gain 6299 loss 1088
Min. elevation 6581 max. 11,856
Started at the Cog Railway. I immediately struggled going up. I couldn't catch my
breath. I got winded going up the steep paved road. I think the humidity was a
huge factor as it was a 100%.
After a few miles of running/hiking I started to feel better. I got to Barr Camp
about 9 minutes slower than I did in a race a couple weeks ago. I guess not too
bad considering my slow start. From Barr Camp I went up another mile to
the Bottomless Pit sign. I then turned around and ran back down to Barr Camp.
At Barr Camp I got on the Elk Park trail and ran that to the Elk Park parking lot.
I finished running and it started to pour. I just beat the rain. Waited for Bethany
to pick me up as she was up on the summit. Luckily I got to sit in Simon G's car
while waiting or I would have been chilled and soaked.
Shoe note I am wearing some new shoes Pearl iZumi M2 trail shoes. Only 2 runs in
them but so far I love them.


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