Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pueblo Front Range Trail

20 Miles 2:12:46 6:38 average per mile
11:40 am) low 40's Sunny!
This was a hard run today. I didn't feel great for most of the run.
The last 5 miles were especially tough. I struggled just to hold
on. Glad to get this run in though. Not really sure why I didn't
feel better. Maybe because I did a hard tempo on Tuesday.
Another factor could be that I just haven't been logging that many
miles lately and my endurance is weak. Not sure that's the case
though last week I did 18 and felt very strong.



HappyTrails said...

Was that the trail out toward the reservoir? Nice run stats for not feeling great. What's your goal pace for Rocket City?

Brad Poppele said...

Steve, Trail starts at Runyan Lake. I ran several loops around the lake and did a out and back on the trail that goes north and south. Trail runs along the Arkansas River.
I'm hoping at sea level and being rested to run around 6:00 - 6:10 pace. My goal time is 2:37:00 - 2:39:59. My PR is 2:42:30 so hoping to improve upon that.