Sunday, November 27, 2011

Incline Club Group Run

7.5 Miles 1:03:53 8:31 average per mile
8:00 am) cold & sunny
Got off work early today so I was able to make the first Incline
Club run of the new season. Today was also group picture day.

Today's run was up to 15 miles. I took a shorter option as I'm
tapering. I went out 3.75 and then back. Started at Memorial
Park went up Ruxton then over to Ute Pass to Longs Ranch Road
then back.

I felt good pretty good today. It's a tough 7.5 mile run lots
of ups and downs. I guess I ran pretty well as I caught up
to Matt C. at mile 3 and ran with him till I turned around.
Matt was doing the long course so he was not pushing it hard
at all. Still pretty neat to run with the legend. Kind of made
my day. Funny story as we were running together I said hi I'm
Brad and Matt says I'm Matt Carpenter. Like I didn't know that.

Afterwards we had a little party at the park. We all brought
food and drinks and then shared it all. Good times.


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