Saturday, November 12, 2011

Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon Highlands Ranch, Colorado

13.1 Miles 1:31:33 7:00 average per mile
3rd Overall 1st Age Group
Was a lot harder course than I was prepared for. Lots of rollers.
Never felt very good all day. I can't complain about being 3rd
but wish I would have felt better than I did. I was second for
first 3 miles then I got passed by 2 runners then the 3 of us
kind of stayed together trading positions every now and then.
I was in second until mile 9 when I got passed again and could
not respond. My legs were pretty much dead at that point.
Hung in for last 4 miles for 3rd.



HappyTrails said...

Great work Brad - heard that is a tough course and you flogged it! (on an "off" day, even...)

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Steve! It is a tough course. I want to run it again at some point just for fun. Some nice single track.

John said...

Hi Brad,

I stumbled across your blog while looking for news about yesterdays race. My brother was running the race and came in about twenty minutes after you. I was wondering if you saw what happened at the finish line, there was probably quite a commotion. If you saw it, I'd be grateful if you could email me and tell me about it, as I'm a couple states away and my dad didn't finish until some time later.


My email is tanpantsman (remove this) at gmail dot (remove this too) com

drivfour said...

Update on Michael, who was the runner who finished race and then went unconscious-
He was attended to by several people who came to his aid, giving cpr and comfort. He was taken to Littleton hospital where he was breathing on his own, had pulse but was totally incoherent.
The diagnoses was cardiac arrest so he was brought to icu, sedated, put on ventilator and then body temp lowered to about 91F. This step was taken to protect the brain. After a day and a half, of being totally immobile, warmed up , vent and feeding tube removed and he awoke today ok and once told collapsed after the race, started asking detailed questions- totally fine- a bit hazy but in great shape.
Thanks to all of you who assisted- we hope to thank you at the Turkey Trot! John

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks John for the update! That's awesome news.