Monday, September 12, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

5 Miles 35:00 7:00 average per mile
Today was a short but effective workout. I did a 1 minute on
1 minute off routine for 20 minutes. I would run hard for a
minute not all out then jog for 1 minute. The purpose of this
is to work on some faster turnover. I don't like going to the
track so this is the next best thing for me. I really don't
need to do track work at this point as my next 2 races are
both Ultra Marathons. I do want some speed so this is all I
need to do plus maybe some tempo runs or hill repeats.
I look to do this particular workout once a week up till
December. I might do more at some point like 25 minutes or
even 30 minutes.

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