Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reforestation Camp

20 Miles 2:44:06 8:13 average per mile
6:00 am)upper 60's Very Humid!
2 loops on the mountain bike trail.
1:21:19 8:08 average
1:22:47 8:16 average
Was going to run with Mike but he called me this morning and said
he could not make it. He is having some trouble with his knee.
I guess he has fluid behind the knee or something like that.
So I decided I would try something I have never done runs 2 loops
on the mountain bike trail. I have done 1 loop before but never 2.
It went good other than I was sweating tons due to the very humid
conditions. I didn't have lots of energy today but was able to run
steady. I never pushed real hard. After all I ran a marathon a week
ago and need to be careful. So I guess I'm back to tapering AGAIN.
I have a race in only 2 weeks. It's a 50 mile race called Dances
With Dirt
. I hear it's pretty tough course. I will have no time
goals only to finish.


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