Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fox River Trail

6 Miles 36:38 6:06 average per mile
5:30 pm) 70 degrees cloudy
Tempo run. I probably shouldn't do a tempo workout the day
after a track workout but oh well. Not like I did all that
much yesterday. I got my new Brooks ST4 Racers today and
had to try them out. Figured I would run a couple miles
hard in them to see how they felt. Well I ended up running
hard for 6 miles. I like the shoes! Not sure I like the
color though, bright yellow!
Mile 1 6:34
Mile 2 6:17
Mile 3 6:19
Mile 4 5:58
Mile 5 5:45
Mile 6 5:43
Next Saturday is the Bellin 10k. After this run I think
5:40's is a reasonable goal. My PR is like 36:30 for the
10k I would like to beat that and maybe go under 36.


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