Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 54:53 6:51 average per mile
6:00 pm) Warm. Rained last 4 miles.
Wanted to do some track work tonight but the track was locked up.
I did 2 800's on the trail 2:53 & 2:45. I need to work on more track
work. I plan on doing it once a week. I was going to do 4 800's
tonight but with the rain it was causing my Garmin to act up. I was
in the middle of my 3rd 800 and it acted up. So next Wednesday
or Thursday I will do probably 6 800's. I would like to run these
at 2:45.



shannon said...

I just finished my first marathon and felt great to the finish. I'd like to try an ultra sometime next year. Leadville, no, but maybe a 50K. I'll be checking your site for advice.

Brad Poppele said...

Hi Shannon,
Nice job on your trail marathon. If you can do a trail marathon you are fit enough to do a 50k today. The training is not much different than for a marathon. Your long run should be around 25 miles, instead of your typical 20-22 for a marathon. Feel free to ask me any questions that may come up. I'm not an expert but may be able to help.
Good Luck with your running.