Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greenbush Ice Age Trail

Saturday 5/22/2010
31 Miles 4:30:17 8:43 average per mile
9:00 am) 60-70's
Drove down to Greenbush to do my long run. I wanted to get
running by 8:30 at the latest but got a bit lost. I started
out with a 7 mile out and back for 14 miles. I made my first
mistake in this stretch not enough fluids. I had my bottle
but was only 16 oz. and I had to conserve it to make it last.
It was not very warm so that helped. I then went back to the
car and filled it up. I headed out in the other direction
on the Ice Age Trail. This would be 8.5 miles each way for
17 miles. I was not too nervous about my water situation this
time because I knew there was a water pump at Butler Lake.
This was very good because when I got to the water pump I
couldn't drink enough. I was so thirsty I had become very
dehydrated. I was at around my 23 or so and still had 8+ mile
to get back to my car. I was not looking forward to that.
I wanted to quit but had to get back to my car. I struggled
to finish this run. I was walking all the hills and my miles
were around 9-10 minute pace and that was all I could do to
run that fast. I wanted to walk all of the last 8 miles but
knew I would not have enough water to make it if I walked it.
As it was I ran out of water. I also should have had more
food. I think I had only 3 gels total.
So I hoped this run would give me some confidence for the 100k
I have planned it 2 weeks but it did the opposite. I'm pretty
sure I will not do the 100k. I just don't feel comfortable
doing it at this point. I feel my fitness is not where it needs
to be. When I did the 50 mile run a couple weeks ago I struggled
at mile 40. I don't think it would be smart to go and run and
only to struggle again and maybe for 20+ miles or more. I have
a 50 mile run planned for July I should just focus on that and
be ready for it. I might even do just the 50k if I don't feel
confident for that one. So I do have a new plan for this month
a road marathon. I think I might be in good enough shape for
a fast marathon. I'm thinking Grandma's June 19 in Duluth MN.
It will depend on the weather though it usually is either nice
or hot. Maybe this year will be a nice year. Plus some of my
friends are doing it so would be kind of fun to go with them.
I ran Grandma's back in 2005 so it's been 5 years I think I can
beat my time from then 3:18.

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