Thursday, January 22, 2009

Broadway Part II

10 Miles 1:07:56 6:48 average
5:20 pm) 154 HR average
Decided to do the same run as last night. I wanted to
see if being somewhat sore and tired from yesterday
would have a effect on my run as far as pace and HR
goes. The first miles felt okay but I could feel the
fatigue in my legs. My pace was slower but not much.
Then after the 5th mile I turned around and headed
back still feeling tired at mile 6. When I got to
mile 7 I was actually feeling better to my surprise.
I ran strong miles 7-10. So I'm happy with this run
and how well my body responded. I have not done back
to back 10 mile runs in like forever so this was
a good experiment. I will probably try this again
in a few weeks or so to see how I do. I ended up running
27 seconds faster and my HR average was only 1 beat higher.
I thought I would run maybe 10 seconds a mile slower and
figured my HR would be at least 5 beats higher on average.



GZ said...

Are you capping these runs based on pace, HR, PE?

I bet you could probably swing these back to backs like this, if you felt up to it, pretty frequently.

C Brad Poppele said...

Hi GZ, I'm not worried about HR or pace too much. I would say that I'm going by PE. If I feel good I will pick it up and if I don't I slow down some.
I also believe I could do these type of runs frequently. I'm still early in my training base, but with some more mileage under my belt I will be doing more of these. Next week I start my 16 week training program form my May 17th marathon. I'm looking forward to getting on it.