Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bay Park Square Mall & East De Pere

12.1 Miles 1:25:29 7:04 average 15.2 Total
7:30 am) upper teens
Mike and I ran 4 miles then joined the 8:00 group ran 8 miles with
the group. Felt good except I have a bit of a groin pull. It was
sore when I started but got better as I ran. I did not like stopping
because then when I would start up again it was sore. The pace was
kind of fast today should have run a little bit slower.

10:10 am) Ran 3.1 miles with a friend from work he asked me to run
with him so I said yes. He is running his first 5k race next weekend
and he wanted to run the course before hand. He did very good. We
ranaround 8:30 miles total time 26:24. I'm sure he will break 25:00
next week.

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