Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway Mile Repeats

8 miles 53:16
43 degrees sunny/chilly
6 x 1 mile repeats
1 mile warm up
6:07 (1:13 rest)
6:01 (1:08 rest)
5:58 (1:03 rest)
5:59 (1:00 rest)
6:00 (1:01 rest)
5:55 1 mile cool down
I needed a little more than the 1 minute rest after the first few as I was very
winded. After a few of these my breathing got better. First time doing 6 mile
repeats in ages. Ran these on a very flat surface. I went half mile then turned
around. This was my hardest workout since starting back my training 4 weeks ago.
Happy with my progress so far.

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