Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pikes Peak Summit

Sunday 6/17/12

13.3 miles 3:21:35
8:00 am) sunny & warm below treeline cool at the summit.
First summit shot of the year. Started at Memorial Park in Manitou
Springs. I was pretty tired from the get go. My time to the top of
the w's was several minutes slower than usual. I knew I was in for
a long day. Glad to get the run completed though. Above treeline
I was totally spent walked all of the last 3+ miles. Plan on doing
another summit shot soon. I hope for better results.

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Knuckledragger said...

Well done Brad. I'm hoping to get an A-Frame "run" in a couple of weekends, trying to talk Steve into it. If it works out - we will be just getting to A'Frame while you are on your way back down from the Summit.