Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garden of the Gods Hill Repeats

4.25 miles total
5 hill repeats from main parking lot .18 each
1:00, 59, 59, 1:00, :59 (5:33-5:53 pace)
When I did these last on May 16th I was 1:01 to 1:05.
So some improvement. Going to be taking it easy next few
days in hopes of being fresh on race day. Tomorrow will be last
day with any hard running. Maybe a short 3 mile tempo run on
the course.
1.25 mile warm up and 1.25 mile cool down.


1 comment:

HappyTrails said...

Rest up and rock it on Sunday Brad! (Got some friends doing it, but they will come in well past your arrival, so may not catch you out there this time.)