Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Manitou Springs Track Workout

3.25 miles track
70 degrees sunny
11:00 am)
1 mile warmup
400- 1:15
400- 1:15
1600- 5:39
half mile cool down
First track workout in over a year! I didn't do alot today as I don't
want to overdo it. Next week I will add to this. Maybe add a
couple more 400's and end with some fast 50's. Felt pretty good
today the 1600 was not that great though. My pacing was all over
on the 4 laps.
Workout was on the Manitou Springs High School track. The
setting here is awesome with Pikes Peak in the distance.
Man I'm lucky to live here!



GZ said...

Wrong way.

HappyTrails said...

Figures George would pick up on that ;-)

Anonymous said...

How was I supposed to get that particular frame of him running without making him go the wrong way, GZ? ;)

GZ said...

Photoshop the mountain in?