Monday, May 14, 2012

Green Mountain Falls, Catamount Trail

5.1 miles.
11 am, sunny and beautiful

Easy day with B. Hiked most of it as it was very technical.
Ran some of the easier parts and a good bit of the downhill.
Really enjoyed getting my feet on some new trail and enjoyed
the 'Garden of Eden' meadow. This trail isn't a great one for
adding into the standard running rotation due to its technical
bits and the rocks that are ready to take you down at any
moment. Still a fun day. Did get in some good elevation gain.
Somewhere in the area of 2k for the first 2.5 miles. Good steeps!


Tiffany said...

Brad, I did this trail in March. I agree the first few miles are pretty technical. Did you go all the way to the reservoir? Is the garden in bloom yet? I am looking to go back up very soon.

Here is my review in the trail:

Brad Poppele said...

We went to the road. Garden is just starting to bloom.