Saturday, May 19, 2012

WDF - supposed 5k

3.1 miles (not!), final time unknown
10 am) cool, windy, light rain

My first DQ. I can be so proud that I cut the course so I could
beat the field of 35 men/375 women and girls :).This was the
Pikes Peak Road Runner's first chip timed event so I wanted to
at least participate even if this was the Women's Distance
Festival (men were allowed, I swear!). I was third overall but
I followed the top 2 men when it turns out that they cut a corner
too soon, resulting in all 3 of us earning a disqualification. I'm
kind of relieved that I did DQ given the circumstances. One
good thing came from this race... I learned that I can NOT go
out that hard and keep my breathing under control. This will
be good for me to remember for the Garden. I started WAY
too hard and was in the lead from the get go. I got passed
just over 1/2 mile in by the top 2 runners. In the end, it was
as it should have been and the overall winner was a female.
Yay Women!

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