Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mt. Carbon Trail Half Marathon, Morrison, Colorado

13.4 Miles 1:28:12 6:35 average per mile
Distance according to my Garmin
8:30 am) cloudy, cool 30's - 40's
3rd Overall 1st Master
So finally got to meet my coach today. He has been coaching me since Jan. 1. He raced today as well. He did okay! First place! He smoked the competition. Also meet footfeathers today for the first time. He ran just behind me for 4th place. So a good day for the 3 of us.
I thought I would run a faster time but the course was a bit more
challenging than I planned on. My splits were all over the place.
Mile 1 6:25
Mile 2 6:08
Mile 3 6:05
Mile 4 6:35
Mile 5 6:29
Mile 6 6:44
Mile 7 6:30
Mile 8 7:28 up mt carbon
Mile 9 6:01 down mt carbon
Mile 10 7:02 very tired this mile
Mile 11 7:12 still tired
Mile 12 6:57
Mile 13 6:19 felt good this mile
Mile 13.4 2:13 under 6:00 pace
Not the kind of pacing I will do at GB next month. I plan on
running a steady 6:05 pace for 26.2 miles.
Overall a positive run today as it gave me some racing experience.


GZ said...

Nice work. You seem to be shaping up nicely for GB. And for what it is worth, I think you are a serious threat for the top of the podium at Pikes.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! Also thanks for the vote of confidence for Pikes! I have lots of work to do if I even want to be near the top though. I should place better than my previous 2 attempts though. Training here will be a big help I'm sure.

Sean O'Day said...

What GZ said!

Looks like a solid effort yesterday...gotta love 'em trails. Can't wait to see how your GB turns out. How bout 2:39:xx?

Alicia said...

How many thousands of dollars did you win for being the 1st Master??

Plodding Blogger said...

Just stumbled across your blog - inspirational stuff! Well done on your half mara and good luck in Green Bay :-)

Adam Feerst said...

Thanks for coming out. I'm glad you had a good race.

I assume your splits were based on your GPS, and not my more accurate mile markers. I measured it with a bike that was calibrated to a USATF course. GPS isn't that accurate. I'll take a bike over GPS any day. If anything, it may have been a tad short (I can't ride as straight a line on a few sections of the course as you can running).

Adam Feerst