Monday, April 18, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

20 Miles 2:14:51 6:44 average per mile
9:45 am) 50's partly sunny
Yes another long run. I think I will race this weekend so I did
my long run today. Looking at a trail half marathon near
Lakewood, Colorado. I haven't really trained for a trail race but
think I'm in good enough shape to give it a go. Plus my marathon
will be 3 weeks away from this weekend so good time for a tune up
race. I have not raced since Thanksgiving it was only a 5k.
So today's run went pretty good considering I worked this
morning. I worked 2:00 am to 9:00 am. So far from fresh for this
20 miler. I ran the first 10 at a good pace then tried to pick it
up for the last 10 but legs didn't want to pick it up. I ran second
10 about the same pace as the first 10. My slowest mile was 6:53
so I stayed consistent thru out.


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