Friday, April 15, 2011

Pueblo Front Range Trail

18.63 Miles 2:00:00 6:27 average per mile
8:50 am) 40's Sunny!
First hour I ran at whatever pace felt good. Then I did 6 x 3:00
at around 6:00 pace with 3:00 recovery after each one. Last
25:00 again I ran at whatever pace felt okay.
Didn't know what to expect today. It was not my best week of
training and I felt a bit more tired and sore this week than
previous weeks. I'm sure last weeks 24 mile run was a huge factor.
Today started out okay but the first 2 miles felt hard. They
usually do anyway until I loosen up. My slowest mile today was
mile 1 6:49 so not really that slow. So this run was my fastest
paced long run I have ever run. I'm starting to get excited now!

64.13 miles for the week.


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