Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Review

Ended the year with 2615 Miles versus 2163 last year.
Happy with these numbers. I thought I might hit 3000 this
year but never really worried about it. I didn't even know
how many miles I had for the year till Dec 23 when I added
them up.
I did 5 Marathons this year my most in a year.
I had a personal best at Houston Marathon 1/17/10 2:50:02
I ran a 2:57 trail marathon 4/17/10 2nd place overall.
I was pleased with this result.

I also did 2 50 mile trail runs and a 50k trail run.
Placed in the top 10 in all 3 of these. The 50k I was second

Had my best 10k time 35:52 6/12/10

So not a bad year at all. I look forward to 2011.
I turn 40 in March so will be a Master runner.
I hired a coach and think with his help I will PR again in
the Marathon. May 15, 2011 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

Other goal for 2011 is to improve on my Pikes Peak Marathon
results. I think living in Colorado now will give me a huge
advantage over my 2 previous attempts.

Happy New Year!

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