Saturday, December 25, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

5.78 Miles
12:15 pm) mid 40's Sunny!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
25:19 for Incline. 3rd Best time.
Wore my HR monitor for the first time since moving to Colorado.
I guess I have been afraid to wear it fearing sky high Heart Rate.
Well I checked it just before starting going up the incline it was
74. It went up quickly once I started the work out. At the top it
was 156. It averaged 143 for the 25:19 work out. So not as bad as
I feared. My max is around 174 so I did not hit that.
I restarted it for the next 4.75 miles which was mostly down Barr
trail so it stayed low. It averaged 130 for this portion. I will
check it again this week on a normal flat run. I"m thinking it
will be 140's to 150's. Of course it depends on what pace I run.

Kind of a strange Christmas for me. My first in Colorado and away
from family & friends. Also I can't remember never having a white
Christmas. I don't mind that part though. I have seen plenty of
snow in my lifetime.

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