Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pikes Peak Greenway

10 Miles 1:06:02 6:36 average per mile
12:30 pm) mid 50's Sunny & Warm!
Super nice day here. Ran in shorts! Lots of people out enjoying the
day. Saw lots of runners, bikers and walkers. Run was good but
pushed a bit too hard.


Friday 12/18/10
11.25 Miles 2:05:29
12:00 pm) mid 30's Sunny!
Ute Pass Trail, Longs Ranch Road, Barr Trail
This was a hard hike/run. Longs Ranch road is steep and it had
fresh snow making it slippery even with my shoes with screws in
them. I did not run much mostly hiked. Good workout didn't have
a lot of energy though.

44 Miles on the week. Down big time from last week. I took off
2 days this week as I needed it. Got to listen to your body!

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