Saturday, December 4, 2010

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

5 Miles 52:14
10:30 am) 30 degrees sunny
24:36 Incline. New Best Time!!! I pushed very hard today. I
wanted to break the 25 minute barrier. I was 25:11 on Thursday
so I new only need 12 seconds. Glad to do it now rather than
later. Once the incline gets more snow and ice I'm sure my times
will slow. Today there was no ice and only a trace of snow. It
was chilly but perfect weather for it. I still wore shorts and
I was plenty warm. I got a little chilled at the top. Once I got
going again I was fine. After the incline I go up another
quarter of a mile or so before heading down Barr Trail. I had my
fastest descent as well today. My footing is much better than it
used to be. Coming down I was running 6:40's. Doesn't sound
very fast but the switch backs slow you down.

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