Monday, March 9, 2009


10 Miles 1:05:43 6:34 average
5:30 pm) lower 30's
Well going into this run I was tired. I hoped I would feel better
when I got going. It did not happen at first. But after a few miles
I started feeling good. The only problem is I ended up pushing too
hard. I ran this about 20 seconds a mile faster than I have ever ran
this course. So as I'm typing this I feel exhausted. I will have to
go a lot easier tomorrow.
One nice thing about tonight was I didn't need my headlamp. I love
D.S.T. The roads were actually quite good tonight. This is surprising
since we had like 7" of snow yesterday. With the sun out today it
melted quickly.


GZ said...

Well! Nice break through. I think this is a day where you might look back and say this is where you turned a corner.

C Brad Poppele said...

Thanks! I feel I have been on the up swing in my training the last month or so. Hope it keeps going.