Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gold's Gym

10 Miles 1:10:22 7:02 average
6:30 pm)
So Monday night I mentioned I was exhausted after my run
I thought I just pushed too hard. Well later that night
I started to feel sick. I got the chills big time. I woke up
Tuesday morning feeling awful but dragged myself to work. I
thought about leaving early all day but stuck it out. I got
home and passed out till about 7:00 pm. Watched a little tv
till 9:30 went to bed. Woke up today still not feeling great
but better. I think I turned the corner around noon today.
I was glad to be feeling better.
So I decided to hit the mill tonight since it's cold and windy
outside. The run went pretty good considering how I felt just
a few hours ago. The first 4 miles was hard. I kept telling
myself just stick it out you will feel better and I did. I
ended up pushing the pace the last few miles.

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