Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 58:10
143 HR average
11:30 am) 40's Sunny!
Have not run here since Jan. 19th. I have not done much trail
running lately. I have mostly been road running as I'm training
for a road marathon. I think I should try to still do 1-2 trail
runs a week as it offers me a change of pace and I think it's
helps my overall running. Today I didn't expect to run very
fast. To my surprise though I felt strong and ran my 5th fastest
time on this trail. I was only 1:13 of my best. I guess this is
a good sign that I have not lost all my trail fitness. After my
road marathon my focus will be on Pikes Peak marathon. Which
means lots of trail running and running Barr trail.

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