Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pikes Peak Marathon

Today was a good day! I signed up for Pikes Peak Marathon. I
signed up right at 1:00 pm mountain time when it opened. I got
in no problem. This will be my third time running it 2008, 2010,
2011. My previous 2 attempts were okay but both had
disappointing descents. My ascents were good for a flat lander
from Wisconsin but each time had trouble on the way down. 2008
I had blisters on the bottom of my feet that became so painful
I couldn't hardly run. Then last year after having a good climb
3:08 at the top I struggled on the way down. I think it was a
combination of altitude sickness and dehydration. So this year
I have a big advantage a full year will be under my belt of
living at altitude. That's going to be huge. Plus I want to
practice more downhill running since that's been my thorn in my
side. Goal is probably the same as last year that I didn't achieve
5:00 or under.

Today 2 Runs
9:15 am) 40's
7 Miles 40:57 6:49 average per mile
Like yesterday legs still feel tired and heavy. Felt better as the
run progressed.

2:30 pm) 70's WARM!!!
5 Miles 35:07 7:01 average per mile
Okay run tired! Warm weather not used to it yet.

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