Saturday, March 5, 2011

17th St & Pikes Peak Avenue

6 Miles 41:19 6:53 average per mile
7:45 am) cold 20's
138 HR average
Started out nice and easy as the run went on I felt better and
better and got to pushing the pace a bit. HR was higher than
I should have let it get towards the end. It felt real good
I think for the first time I have used a pair of running shoes
for over 500 miles. I usually just stop using them around 400
or so.


6 Miles 56:30 9:24 average per mile
1:25 pm) upper 30's chilly
Ute Valley Park
Trail run on some new trails. I got lost a few times but always
found my way around eventually. I have run here only once before
and it was a group run. These are some nice trails kind of rocky
in spots and some sand in others. Some good hills too. Pace was
slow but I walked a few times when lost.

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