Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running with a legend

6 Miles @ 11:00 am) cold but not bad. Upper teens.
St Brendan's restaurant in Green Bay.

We had 25 runners show up today to run with Mr. Bill Rodgers.
In case you didn't know he has won Boston Marathon 4 times and
won New York Marathon 4 times.

What a awesome experience running with him today. He is such
a nice guy. We ran a little over 6 miles then headed back to
the restaurant. Some of the runners had to get back to work
or what not but many of us stuck around and had lunch with
him. I was lucky enough to sit right next to him at the table
and we did some small talk. We talked about my upcoming marathon
Houston marathon next Sunday. He wished me luck and shook my
hand. Glad I took the day off from work is was so worth it.

Tonight Bill is the guest speaker for the kick off party for the
Cellcom Green Bay marathon. I am going to that and looking
forward to hearing more stories. I have a 8 x 10 of Bill and I
that I hope to get autographed. I will try to post a picture
of it in a day or two.

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GZ said...

Bill's great. I got him to sign my copy of "Running With the Legends" a couple of years back. He made note of the fact that he was a Connecticut guy (and that I am too).