Sunday, January 31, 2010


11 Miles 1:18:21 7:07 average per mile
147 HR Average
1:00 pm) teens sunny

Wore my heart rate monitor strap today. I have not worn it
in at least 2 months. I was curious to see what the results
would be. After a mile or so I decided I would cap it at 150
max. This was okay for the first 4-5 miles I was able to run
at a decent clip just under 7:00 minute miles. After 5 miles
I had to slow the pace down to keep it from going over 150.
I now was running 7:15 pace. This pace did not feel as good
I prefer the 7:00 pace or under as that is what I'm accustomed
to running when on the roads. I find it kind of funny that
keeping your HR lower is suppose to be for recovery runs and
I felt this run was harder than my runs where I just run by
feel and don't worry about these things. Anyways I think I
should do some slower paced runs even if they don't feel as
good to me. I need to build an aerobic base and this is
probably the best way to do that. I will be doing several
ultras this year and I need to run slower anyways to prepare
for the time on my feet that is required. Okay I will stop.
I'm starting to ramble on and on.

43 Miles for the week. Not a bad week at all. I'm only 2 weeks
out from the maraton and feel I'm almost back to normal. Might
do a 15k on Saturday. I'm not sure what to expect as far as time
goes. I guess I will just run at whatever pace feels right.

161.7 Miles for the month. Not really a great number but I
had to taper for a marathon and recover from a marathon so
as expected the miles where down.


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