Sunday, January 24, 2010

Packerland Loop

9.5 Miles 1:01:09 6:26 average per mile
1:00 pm) 38 degrees cloudy & windy

Ran in shorts today is it really January in Wisconsin?
I don't think I have ever run in shorts in January.
I didn't feel great this morning and thought about
not running today. Yesterday's run took a lot out of
me even though the pace was not super fast.

It was raining this morning and it was easy not to be
motivated to get out. Then the rain stopped and I thought
to myself how often do I get a nice day like this to run
so I got ready. I wanted to wear my HR monitor so I would
not go to hard today. Well I couldn't find it so I would
run by feel instead. I had no intentions of pushing the
pace but after 1 mile I was off to the races. I just can't
seem to hold myself back unless I have that strap on me.

Started a new book last night Born To Run. So far I'm
liking it. The book has received great reviews. I'm looking
forward to getting more into it. I'm only at Chapter 3.

31.5 miles for the week. Not a bad week for the week after
a marathon. Body feels good a little sore but not bad at all.


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Alicia said...

I just started that book yesterday too. We'll have to compare notes after we get into it a bit.