Sunday, January 3, 2010

Packerland Loop

12 Miles 1:21:25 6:47 average per mile

12:00 pm Cold 14 degrees and windy!
Not as cold as yesterday but it was more windy. I felt good
other than my hamstring was tight. I have noticed a big
difference in effort to maintain pace when it's cold like
this. Normally a 6:47 average would not be too difficult
but in these conditions and with all the gear I'm wearing
(see above picture) it's not easy. I hope race day is much
warmer than this. I would be very happy with 40-50's range.

Yes I do get some strange looks from cars as they drive by
they are probably saying there goes another one of those
crazy runners, and yes I would agree with them. It is
kind of crazy running in these conditions but you have to
get your miles in some how.

34 Miles for the week. Another week with sub par mileage.


1 comment:

GZ said...

but you have to
get your miles in some how ...


(I chicken out to the mill in such crud).