Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ft Howard

3.1 Miles 20:58 6:46 average per mile
6:15 am) mid 20's windy
Got up early this morning. Wanted to do a short run
in the Newton shoes. My first impression of them is
not favorable. Of course it's too early to say I
don't like them. It might take several runs in them
before I can pass judgement on them. The reasons I
was not overly impressed at this point was the way
they felt while running. They seemed to make a slapping
noise when the shoes hit the pavement. This might be
due to the design of the shoes. As for cushioning
they did not feel as good as my Brooks Adrenaline 10.
Afterwards my arch in my left foot was acting up
not sure why. Not sure if these have enough stability
in them as well. Another issue I have with them is
they are very airy my feet would probably get cold
if it was colder and I did a longer run in them. I'm
sure this would be a big plus however if it was
summer time. The forcast is for a cold snap so I
probably wont run in them again for a week or so.


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Brad Poppele said...

What I mean by noisy is they seem to make a slapping noise when the shoe contacts the payment. I don't notice this as much in my other shoes.