Monday, January 18, 2010

Chevron Houston Marathon

26.2 Miles 2:50:02 6:29 average per mile
7:00 am) Low 40's at start sunny light wind

I'm very happy with my race yesterday. I took almost 4
minutes of my previous pr from 2008 (2:53:54). My goal
was to run 2:50 so mission accomplished.

I got up at 4:00 am to get ready and eat. We then had
about a 30 minute drive to downtown Houston. We were
staying at my friends brothers house in Sugar Land. I
did my usual hot shower, bagel, banana and Red Bull.

We arrived parked then went inside the huge convention
center. It's awesome! Nice place to stay warm and stretch.
They had water and Gatorade and plenty of port a potties.
We stayed in there till 6:30. Then headed outside to the
start line it's about a 3 block walk to the start line.

Waited at the 3:30 pace group with my friends Scott & Dan.
Took in a GU at this point. Talked for a bit then headed
up to the front of the start line behind the elite athletes.

I did not do any warm up like I planned. They had it
barricaded so I couldn't get through. The elites though
could do there warm ups. I was a bit bumbed about this.
I wanted to be somewhat warm at the start knowing I needed
to run 6:30 or better miles.

Well the gun went off and I was okay but a bit sluggish
not being warmed up. Plus the first mile has a incline with
the overpass. I ended up running 6:39 the first mile my
slowest of the day. After this it all became much easier I
was running 6:25-6:30 at every mile marker. I was at 1:25:12
at the half way point.

I was not feeling bad but not great either. I just kept
holding the pace though not matter how good or bad I felt.
So I actually ran a negative split on the second half not
by much but it was faster and considering I felt some
fatigue I'm really happy with that.

In the second half I kept looking for the GU stop. I always
take one around mile 17 or in that area. Well I never saw
it. I later found out they had one at around 21 but I never
saw it. I only had 2 GU's all day the one before the start
and one at around mile 7. I was worried without the GU near
the end I would slow down and hit the wall.

As it turned out I never hit the wall or really slowed down.
I felt slower at times but my splits would come up and I
was right on pace. I kind of surprised myself with my pacing
ability. I had one mile I thought for sure was 6:40 and it
was like 6:24 and this was at mile 22. My second slowest
mile was at mile 24 6:34.

The course was great. Not the best I have run but definitely
one I would recommend. It did have a lot of concrete that
is probably my biggest dislike about it. The organization
is top notch. I also liked that I always had runners near
me. Most smaller marathons I end up running by myself it
seems. Not this one I usually had a group of 2-4 runners
right with me. Except the last 3-4 miles it was pretty much
just myself and a few runners in front and a few behind me.

Afterwards got some food changed my clothes and waited
for Scott & Dan. Like I said before I got to wait inside
the nice convention center and stay warm and sit down and
eat. Dan just missed his goal of 3:30. He ran 3:33:XX.
So he missed out on his Boston qualifying time but still
ran a PR. Scott ran a 3:27:XX and ran most of it with Dan
trying to get him to the 3:30.

Today I feel great other than my quads are very sore. I
think that's mostly due to the pounding of running on
concrete. I'll be okay in a few days. No hurry to get
back I think I earned some rest after this one.

What's next? 50 mile trail run in April. So I will have
to get in some good training for that one. I will wait
a couple weeks before I start with that. I'm not sure
if I will do any more marathons this year. I have several
ultras planned. I kind of have some new motivation though
to due another marathon. Other than Pikes Peak of course I
can't count that one. That's more of an ultra.
My thought is if I can get in some serious training a
2:45 is not out of the question. Just don't know when
I could work in the training for one. Maybe April before
my ultra? Will see.

Thanks to everyone that follows my blog for your encouragement
and your support I really appreciate it!

Miles for the week 41.2


Lucho said...

Awesome! Nice way to start your year!

GZ said...

Kick butt Brad. Well done. Were you kicking in the end?

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks guys!!! Yes I was kicking it in at the end when I saw I could possible break 2:50.

Alicia said...

Awesome job!! Great run! Enjoy it!