Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gold's Gym

25 Minutes Stationary Bike
20 Minutes Elliptical
15 Minutes Treadmill 15% Incline walking 3.5 mph
6:00 pm)
Well at least I got some kind of a workout in.
This was a good little workout. I got a good sweat
going. I still have pain in the buttock region but
seems a little better today. I have been doing a lot
of stretching the past few days. I am trying to stretch
the Piriformis muscle and Sciatic nerve. I think this is
my problem. I have seriously been considering making a
doctors appointment but I might wait a couple more days
and see what happens. I'm hoping the stretching I'm doing
will make it better. I don't plan on running until I'm
certain it's much better. What I did today was very low
impact unlike running and does not seem to aggrevate
the injury too much. I iced afterwards and it feels
pretty good. So as long as I can do something to keep my
fitness up I'm happy.

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