Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pikes Peak Greenway

7.82 miles 1:06
8:30 am) 60's sunny
Was hoping I was back to being healthy. Well I'm not. I felt okay for the
first 5 miles then the ache in my calf came back. Then it turned into the
sharp pain that shut me down totally. I had to walk over a mile to get
back to the car. This is disappointing since I thought after dealing with
this for 2 weeks I was better. Not sure what to do going forward. I will
take it a day at a time. In hind sight I should have planned for only
a 5 mile run today to be safe. The 3 miler was fine on Friday but jumping
up to 8 proved too much. Back to biking and elliptical I guess.


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