Friday, July 25, 2014

Culvert trail

3 miles 22:04 7:21 average per mile
First pain free run in a couple weeks. I have tried to run past 2 weeks but every
time it would become painful after a mile or so. I went and saw Jeff Mathews and
he noticed my hips were out of alignment. He made a adjustment and I think it
helped. I noticed walking around was not bothering my calf anymore. I waited
2 more days to make sure I was not rushing back to running. So tonight I only
ran 3 miles just to basically test it out. I'm hopeful I'm back on track.
I have a half marathon in 3 weeks that I plan on racing. I hope I can regain
my fitness by then and stay healthy. During these past couple weeks I was able
to get some aerobic training in. I did elliptical and biking. Was happy to
at least do something.


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