Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rock Canyon Half Marathon

7.5 miles DNF!
8:00 am) single digits snow flurries
First ever DNF in 10 years of racing. I'm very disappointed with the DNF
but was glad I made the decision. My hamstring had flared up a week earlier
but not near to this extent. It felt better since the incident and I didn't
even worry about it going into this race. I did a short warm up and could
feel the strain in the hammy. I was concerned at this point. I hoped once
I actually started to race it would warm up and go away. I ran the first
3 miles with only moderate pain. By mile 4 I wanted to drop. I slowed
down drastically from this point till I dropped at mile 7.5. Bethany
was at the 7.5 mile aid station and I told her I was done. We walked
back to the car.



GZ said...

Two types of runners ... those that have DNF, and those that will. No sweat. Shake it off, press on and recover.

Brad Poppele said...

Good points GZ. I was pretty lucky till this point. I will recover and move forward. Was bound to happen. I have had races where I thought I would DNF but didn't. Never thought my first DNF would come from a race under the marathon distance.

Brad Poppele said...
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