Friday, August 10, 2012

Barr Trail Barr Camp

14 miles total
7.5 miles to Barr Camp 1:22:45
9:30 am) sunny & warm
top of the w's 32:40
Went out a bit hard today and suffered some especially last mile
before Barr Camp. I will need to be more careful on race day.
Last long run before race I need some rest. Took the down
very slow today even walked a lot of it before getting on the
Incline and going down that. Have no clue what a reasonable
goal for race day is. I would be very happy with something
in the 2:45 range.


GZ said...

No idea and happy with 2:45 at the same time, eh?

Good luck on Saturday!

Brad Poppele said...

No idea due to the fact I did only 1 summit shot and that was a while back. I would be happy with a 2:45 as I don't think my training went well at all. I do think it's possible though as I have had some better runs as of late. The question will be how much do I slow down after Barr Camp. I tend to go out too fast. I need to be careful on the W's I think.
Good luck to you on Sunday!!!