Saturday, May 4, 2013

Treadmill 15%

2.22 miles 30:00
15% Incline
Walked between 4.2 mph and 4.6 mph. Last 7 minutes at 4.6 mph.


Stay Vertical said...

I like this one. I did this same workout all winter up to 60 mins- insanely boring, but effective. I am really injury prone in the winter, but this allows me the cardio intensity of a tempo run with no wear and tear. To mix it up sometimes, I will throw in some grapevines and backwards action- but I have to trot a bit to keep it above 4 mph- and this spikes the HR. I do pretty much the same workout ion a stepmill- really good too but different. Good stuff.

Brad Poppele said...

I agree can be boring but sure effective. It's like a tempo effort without any wear as you say. I would think I would work up to a hour as well as I get closer to my races.