Sunday, May 26, 2013

Phil's World Trails Cortez, CO

16.54 miles 2:25:00 8:46 average per mile
6:30 am) upper 40's at the start
Ran some sweet single track down in Cortez, Colorado. The trail system has 39 miles of
single track. Popular mountain bike area. I started early enough I didn't have to deal
with the mountain bikers. Plan was 3 hours today but stopped short of that. Time on feet
was at least 3 hours with stops to take pictures, look around and study maps. Great place
to run for sure. Not much elevation change but lots of quick ups and downs. Elevation
was between 6200 and 6700ft.
After the run went to Mesa Verde National Park. Did lots more walking and hiking there. I
took lots of pictures. Will try to post some of them soon.


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