Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waldo Canyon *PR*

7 Miles 55:15
10:15 am) sunny & perfect conditions
I knew my time was good today but didn't even realize it was
the fastest I have ever run this trail. I just went through
my blog and found that October 20, 2011 was my fastest at
55:55. So I took 40 seconds off my pr. I am kind of shocked
by that. I think the big reason for the improvement
was my first 3 miles were very strong and these are the
hardest miles. My hill running is improving fast over past
3 weeks. I even had to slow down on several occasions today
as the trail was very busy with hikers and dogs. I counted
the cars in the parking lot when I left 32 cars. New shoes
today Brooks ASR. I have worn them before they work well
for me.



Knuckledragger said...

Nice one Brad, I was wearing the same shoes last week for my PR there - of course that was about 14 minutes slower than you :)

HappyTrails said...

Great running Brad!

Japanese Used Cars said...
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