Sunday, June 1, 2014

Steamboat Springs Long Run and 10k race

19 miles total
7:30 am) low 50's sunny
6.2 miles 10k race 38:48 3rd Overall
I wore my hear rate monitor for the race. This is not normal for me but I thought
it would be interesting to see what my heart rate is at race effort compared to
the training runs I have been wearing it on lately. The data was interesting
my heart rate was pretty low and I actually had a hard time getting it up.
The race was pretty hilly today and my pace was pretty slow first 3 miles
until the turn around and the flatter and faster portion of the course. My
heart rate was very low early on even though my breathing felt labored. Maybe
fatigue is a factor? I did do 10 miles Tuesday and 15 miles on Wednesday not
my normal amount. My splits are as follows.
6:47 HR avg 135, 6:15 HR avg. 142, 6:55 HR avg. 146, 5:56 HR avg. 146,
5:48 avg. HR 149, 5:39 avg. HR 149, 5:47 avg. HR 150 (.26)
Average HR 145 Max HR 153
First mile my heart rate was in the 130's even with the climbing. I did some
3/4 miles repeats earlier in the week and was able to hit low 160's. So
I'm wondering why my heart rate didn't shoot up in the 160's at race effort?
Is it just fatigue or something else? I did do a 2 mile warm up before race
but didn't do any strides. Maybe if I did some strides I could have got
heart rate higher earlier in the race and felt better. Any suggestions
I would love to hear.
After the race did another 10.8 miles since today was my long run for the week.
Not the way I like to get my long run in but sometimes you gotta do what
you gotta do to get the miles. I ran this easy even though the effort felt
hard only because of the race before hand. I ran 7:26 average with a 139
HR average.

60 miles for the week.


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