Friday, March 28, 2014

Falcon Trail

12.86 miles 1:38:21 7:39 average per mile
3:00 pm) low 50's
I think this was the fastest I have ever run this loop. I feel like my fitness
is improving weekly.

6 miles treadmill
Did some speed work.
1 mile @ 10.7 mph
1/2 mile @ 11.1 mph
.35 mile @ 11.2 mph
.25 mile @ 12.0 mph

Struggled on this workout.


The Padre said...

Your numbers are amazing in my model of the world!! Then I see that you feel that you are improving. Awesome!! Cant wait to see what you are doing come Aug/Sept. Stay Strong & Cheers

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks The Padre for the encouraging words.