Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pikes Peak Marathon

26.2 miles 5:04:43
47th Overall 2nd age group
7:00 am) warm and clear skies
Started out comfortable and walked when ever it was steep or my breathing became
labored. I felt okay on the up but not super. I hit Barr Camp at 1:30:19. I was
hoping to be around 1:27. So I was close but I knew this was not good if I wanted
to be 3:00 at the summit. I had a hard time running above Barr Camp. I did power
hike most of the last 6 miles up. My hiking was pretty good and I passed several
runners. I hit the summit at 3:07:00. I was a bit worried about this as I knew
I would need a good descent to break 5 hours. My down has been historically
slow. Today was no different. I again felt sick, sluggish and tired on the down.
Not sure why I have such difficulties with this part of the race. Thought I
would have a better down as my downhill running seemed to be improving this year.
I still had my best down to date but a 1:57 down is pretty pedestrian.


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