Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hill Progression/Tempo Treadmill

8 miles 64:00
5:00 warm up.
Then every 2:00 upped treadmill 1%
Treadmill was set at 7.0 mph for the entire time
Got to 9% before I couldn't go higher.
Back to 0% for 2:00 then repeated it.
This time got to 8%.
Back down to 0% for 2:00.
I then started flat tempo run. I started out at 10.2 and quickly found out
my legs were not used to that kind of turnover. Ended up going down to
9.5. Once I got used to it was able to go back up to 9.7 and then again
with 3 minutes left did 10.0. Total of 15 minutes tempo.
6 minute cool down.
Very hard run. Was tired before I even got on the treadmill. Really didn't
feel like doing this workout. Glad I did it and got it done!

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