Saturday, August 3, 2013

3-2-1 Pikes Peak

12 miles
8:55 pm) Low 40's cloudy perfect weather
Finally got to run the last 3 miles of Barr Trail in prep for the Pikes Peak
Marathon in 2 weeks. Didn't feel awesome but not too bad. Hiked most of it
as running made me too winded for the most part. Watch died on the last mile
up. I was bummed by that because I think it was my best top mile of the day.
Went up with a group of runners and my coach Paul DeWitt. Had a good time
and met some cool runners. Some are training for Leadville 100 and others the
1 down 13:24
2 down 10:46
3 down 9:52
4 up 16:01
5 up 16:50
6 up 18:37
7 down 12:38
8 down 10:10
9 up 16:50
10 up 19:05
11 down watch died half way
12 up ? Maybe 17:30 as I pushed it.


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