Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Treadmill Gold's Gym

7 Miles 50:25
Hard run tonight decided I would push the pace some. I ran
5 minutes faster than Monday for the same distance. I want
to get faster on the treadmill and found out that running
faster makes you faster. What a concept!
Looks like another snow storm is headed our way. I'm not
happy. I'm ready for spring already!
Got my new shoes today finally. These are the ones I won at
the 50K back in October. They have the Boa system so no laces.
I have never tried these before so it will be interesting to
see how they are. I probably will just put them away till I
can run outside on some trails. They are made for road and
trail but I'm going to just use them on the trails. They are
called ARNUVA. Picture below.

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